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BBQ Wire Mesh

1.Material of BBQ Wire Mesh
Crimped wire mesh,stainless steel wire mesh.
2.Surface Treatment
Hot dipped galvanized.
3.Feature of BBQ Wire Mesh
High temperature resistance, rust resistance, no deformation, no poison, no smell, convenience.
4.Specification of BBQ Wire Mesh
We will make it as your specific requirement.
5.The Different Shape of BBQ Wire Mesh
Round and square
6.Application of BBQ Wire Mesh
From the name, we can easily know that it is generally used for BBQ in a camping or picnic, etc. BBQ Wire Mesh is mainly used in hotel, restaurant, barbecue restaurant, picnic, camping, military activity, travel, etc.And it is popular among barbecue lovers.

Our advantage
1) Our factory is in Anping county, where is the origin of wire mesh China. 
2) Because we have our own factory, we can not only assure our quality, but also have competitive price.
3) We accept small order at the beginning.
4) We can also make according to your own design pictures or drawing at your customized size. 
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