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China Hexagonal Wire Netting

China Hexagonal Wire Netting
Hexagonal wire mesh, is a steel hexagonal wire mesh for protecting newly planted trees, crops, plants, gardens, vegetable plots from small browsing animals.This netting is manufactured from steel wire mesh and is galvanized by electro or hot-dipping to protect against corrosion.
Weaving pattern including normal twisted,reverse twisted and double-way twisted;galvanized after weaving and galvanized before weaving;they are corrosion resistive and oxidation resistive.
They are widely used in building, oil,chemical industry,breeding,garden production and food processing industry.
hexagonal wire mesh can be stone cage,isolation wall,boiler cover because of its  good  corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance,could also be used for poultry  fence, like chickens, rabbits
De Xiang Rui Wire Cloth Co.,Ltd is a professional hexagonal wire netting in Anping county,China.his rich experience and mature production line will supply more and more high quality hexagonal wire netting.
China Hexagonal Wire Netting
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