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Stainless Steel Filter Mesh

Main materials of Stainless Steel Filter Mesh: 304,304 L, 316,316 L stainless steel perforated metals, stainless steel woven mesh, stainless steel welded wire mesh and so on.

Performance: acid, alkali, high temperature, tensile and abrasion resistance.

Uses: for acid and alkali environmental conditions, screening and filtration, the oil industry for the mud network, chemical fiber industry for the screen filter, electroplating industry for pickling network.

Filter mesh type: a single layer, multi-layer; according to the shape is divided into circular, rectangular, waist, oval and so on. Multilayer mesh has two layers, three layers.

Filter diameter: 5 mm to 600 mm.
This product is mainly used stainless steel filter mesh by the process points: 1, multi-layer spot welding filter. 2, multi-layer package edge filter.

Stainless steel filter mesh according to the shape points: rectangular, round, ring, from the shape, waist, shaped.

Stainless steel filter mesh according to the structure: single-layer network, multi-layer composite filter mesh, modular filter.

Stainless steel filter mesh by layer points: single, double, three, four, five, multi-storey.

Stainless steel filter mesh Main material: stainless steel filter. (20 to 800 mesh).
Stainless Steel Filter Mesh
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