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Stainless Steel Security Screen supplier in china

Information of Stainless Steel Security Screen:The mesh is high security window screening.Appearance beautiful,durable,anti-rust,anti-broken,smooth and easy to install.With high quality aluminum alloy frame,it bring you good visual enjoyment and safe protection.Ideal choice for living room and office with comfortable and private space.
Materials:316L,316,304L,304,201 etc.
Color:Black,Light gray,Dark gray,Silvery gray,White,Yellow and Original color etc.
Weaving:Plain weave,Crimped weave,Diamond Weave etc.
Advantages:Safety protection,Rust and oxidation resistance(long life),Easy to open and convenient for escape,Power and energy saving ,low carbon and environmental protection,Easy to care,Ultraviolet ray resisting etc.
1) Organ units, the higher unit of safety series - bulletproof;
2) Office buildings, villas, residential - Security;
3) Mosquitoes are more of the mountains, the wild, the suburbs - anti mosquito;
4) Unified management, residents or business district - beautiful;
5) Wet and dry city - corrosion and exposure.
Stainless Steel Security Screen
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