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The sculpture “Light in a Cage” embodies human identity in the vast Universe

        Inspired by the 4D cube from the sci-fi movie Interstellar, Yongseok Do explores the concept of human identity as well as existential and spiritual existence in her latest installation, Caged Light. The luminous sculpture consists of a wire mesh cage containing a small stainless steel cube that emits a heavenly glow. A surreal radiance emanates from the boundaries of Devouring Geometry, which represents the tiny scale of the human person in terms of the vast universe.
        While the cube represents the universe in which we co-exist with other beings, planets and galaxies, the trapped light filtering through narrow gaps represents the presence and meaning of humanity. “We cannot see the light source, but we can all feel its powerful presence. Although humans are too small, we have infinite power to influence the universe,” Du mused.
       Modeled after the geometric shape of the tesseract and its four-dimensional representation beyond the transcendent boundaries of time, space and light, Caged Light embodies the designer’s idea of ​​human identity from a cosmic perspective.
       Considering the tiny existence of humans in a vast universe, Yongseok Do noted, “The universe is huge, and humans are as small as space dust… Among all the galaxies, our Earth is one of the many things that make up the solar system and people live every day, both those and others struggle to survive by releasing their energy into the world.
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Post time: Jan-10-2023