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        You deserve an Instagram-worthy stylish living space just like everyone else. But unless you’re a DIY expert with plenty of time and money, a complete remodeling of your home may be out of the question. All hope is not lost yet: there are some simple yet wonderful things you can do to make your home look better.
        I’ve compiled a list of the best tips that will instantly upgrade and enhance your living space without breaking the bank. Sometimes the solution is as simple as a beautiful new blanket on the bed, or a light countertop repair with a roll of self-adhesive wallpaper. Here are products and appliances that will decorate every room in your home – from the basement to the bathroom. Whatever your budget or skill level, there is something for everyone on this list. Try these ingenious things and instantly decorate your home without breaking the bank.
        Get rid of clutter and unsightly electronics with this handy charging station. With adjustable dividers and multiple ports, it can charge up to six smartphones, tablets, headphones and smartwatches at the same time. It even has built-in overcharge protection.
        Presenting the simplest dishes on this natural bamboo board is also beautifully uplifting. The durable, easy-care ribbed edge keeps snacks from rolling off the edge, and it even has a drawer that holds stainless steel cutlery. They say we eat with our eyes first – using this board for a thoughtful presentation will surely lead to tastier food.
        A decorative cape is a holiday staple, but did you know you can go even further and decorate the fireplace itself? Use a packet of this Cosmic Flame Powder to paint your Christmas logs with vibrant, iridescent flames. Bright, attractive and suitable for indoor use, they light a flame that burns for about an hour in a variety of magical colors.
        Find your zen with this bonsai tree set. It includes everything you need to grow your favorite tree, including pots, peat, seeds, propagation bags and a handy guide, and is small enough to fit on a coffee table. Decorative and meditative, it will be a wonderful addition to your home.
        Bring an entire bar into your home with this bartending set. It comes with an 18 oz shaker, Hawthorne strainer, double clamp, ice tongs, bottle opener and mixing spoon, all on a beautiful wooden stand. Get rid of messy countertops and clean up your bar with this beautiful dishwasher-safe set.
        New crisp sheets are a quick and easy way to spruce up your bedroom and instantly make it fresh and chic. Made from breathable and soft microfiber, this bedding set comes in seven classic colors and comes with four pillowcases, a flat sheet, and a fitted sheet with pockets. Make your boudoir look (and feel!) like a five-star hotel by replacing flaky or worn sheets with this luxurious set.
        A new duvet is an easy way to freshen up a bedroom. Crafted with elegant flow stitching and available in a variety of classic colors, this duvet gives you the freedom to play with colors and textures to make your boudoir look like it was taken from a photograph.
        With a quilted design and fully padded interior, this set of five durable and stylish bins keeps dust out of your fine china and protects it when not in use. Four round plate holders hold up to 12 plates of different sizes, while one rectangular cup and mug holder holds 12 individual mugs. The rigid exterior of the case allows them to be stacked, while the felt baffles help prevent items from colliding with each other.
        A cluttered closet is not only inconvenient, but also unaesthetic. Slim, non-slip and available in seven different colors, these beautiful and functional velvet hangers will keep your clothes organized and beautiful. Turned velvet shoulders provide grip to keep clothes from slipping, while a horizontal bottom stripe makes it suitable for trousers too.
        It is much more convenient and discreet to have a small unassuming trash can in every room than a large and bulky one in the kitchen. The wire mesh of these little trash cans makes them durable and stylish, and they have a beautiful silver finish so they go great with any decor.
        Wallets are an essential part of any outfit, but can take up a lot of space when not in use. Keep your bags and clutches out of the way and display beautifully with this handy over-the-door organizer. Clear plastic allows you to clearly see the contents of each slot, so you no longer have to rummage through your closet looking for the perfect accessory. It has a hook that fits on any door and six shelves that are also great for storing towels, shoes, umbrellas, sweaters or hats.
        Nothing catches the eye like an unfortunate scratch on a beautiful hardwood floor. The full rubber bottom of these non-slip furniture coasters protects your floor from unsightly scratches, while the top is fully padded to keep the casters from rolling. Available in white, black or brown, it is available in a color that goes well with any decor.
        Fabric bath mats are a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Replace stale bacteria breeding grounds and musty musty deposits with beautiful, water-resistant bamboo bath mats. Three layers of protection keep dirt from building up, while the raised slats of this stylish non-slip rug allow water to pass through, giving your bathroom the luxury of a spa.
        Protect your seasonal items like heavy sweaters and fluffy blankets when not in use with these waterproof, airtight, compact vacuum storage bags. Not only do they reduce clutter and increase storage space by 80%, they also extend the life of your product by protecting it from moths, dust and mildew.
        Mattresses are expensive – protect your investment (and the privacy of a good night’s sleep) with this premium mattress pad. It has a breathable, quiet terry cotton surface that prevents stains on the mattress while also repelling dust mites and other allergens. It has even been proven to be resistant to bed bugs in trusted third-party tests.
        This reusable microfiber mop features a retractable handle and swiveling nozzle to reach hard-to-reach places. It can be used as a wet or dry mop on tile, cement, stone, vinyl, wood and laminate, and it has a protective edge to prevent scratching walls and floors.
        Cute shelves are a great way to organize in style. These floating shelves offer a clean and neutral option for displaying your favorite decorative furniture and making the most of available wall space for storage. These sturdy and lightweight shelves (each holding up to 17.5 pounds) are easy to install and available in nine different colors.
        A plush throw is a great way to add texture and color to a space. Available in 18 different colors, this reversible blanket is easy to clean and will not fade or peel. Microfiber cashmere on one side and cozy faux sheepskin on the other for the ultimate in aesthetic and functional décor.
        Enjoy the rustic farmhouse aesthetic in your home without moving with this set of two rustic window frames. These frames are made from high quality wood and are tied with beautiful natural knots and grooves and are painted in three different colors. The set can be hung horizontally or vertically and includes all necessary hardware for easy wall mounting.
        Can’t find the right lipstick shade? This 360 degree makeup stand can help. Small but with plenty of storage, it keeps your makeup organized so you can find exactly what you want when you need it. Sturdy and easy to clean, this swivel shelf helps keep your space organized.
        This colorful set of nested storage containers prevents a flood of mismatched containers and lids every time you open your kitchen cabinets. BPA-free containers are microwaveable and dishwasher safe and come in a variety of sizes with lockable leak-proof lids. This set saves space and looks aesthetically pleasing.
        Corner shelves are a real life hack – they allow you to use uncomfortable, previously unused storage spaces. This corner shower shelf holds up to 22 pounds, giving you a secure place to store all your shower supplies. The cut-out bottom ensures efficient drainage, while the beautiful suction cups allow for easy, tool-free installation.
        Decorate almost any smooth surface with this removable wallpaper at no extra cost. It can be adapted to any shape and is marked with useful grid guide lines, making it very easy to apply. Beautiful, high quality vinyl paper design offers a quick and effective way to achieve the beauty of marble countertops at a fraction of the cost.
        A dirty, splattered microwave is a cleaning nightmare: avoid headaches and mess with this vented microwave lid. Made from tempered glass and food-safe silicone, this splash-proof cap can withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees (yes, it won’t burn your hands). The BPA-free lid is durable and stylish, so it won’t ruin the aesthetics of your kitchen.
        Whether you’re looking to clean up your vanity a little, spruce up your bathroom, or just need a place to safely store your phone while you work, you can hang your toilet paper in style with this versatile shelf. Its open-arm design means no fiddling or unscrewing to change rolls, and the stand and tray are rust-resistant and easy to install.
        Keep spices, condiments and paper towels close at hand without cluttering your counters with this stylish and durable magnetic refrigerator organizer. This bulky storage item is equipped with strong magnets and can hold up to 45 pounds. The layered design includes a spice holder and paper towel holder, and its anti-corrosion coating is easy to clean and looks great.
        No more rummaging through the bottom of your closet for your one pair of sneakers—use these shoe racks to organize and optimize your closet space. These compact non-slip insoles are adjustable to three different heights, so you can store twice as many shoes without creasing or getting them dirty.
        This stylish digital alarm clock is available in six different color combinations, so there’s something for every decor. Its minimalist design isn’t just pretty – you can set three different alarms at the same time, eliminating the need for multiple watches. This elegant clock has different display styles and adjustable brightness settings, as well as the ability to control the temperature and humidity levels in the room.
        So, is your favorite comfy sofa a little, shall we say, tired? Protect your favorite sofa from judgmental looks (plus pet hair, spilled food and everyday wear and tear) and give it new life with beautiful new covers. These microfiber stretch covers are beautiful, soft, durable and easy to clean. They are available in 26 colors so you can save yourself the heartache (and cost!) of replacing your favorite furniture no matter how your room is decorated.
        Cabinet lighting is a great way to (literally) spruce up your living space. Not only will this help you avoid tripping over your toes when you get up in the middle of the night, it will instantly make your home look more expensive. Easy to install, these motion-sensing night lights are made from durable aluminum alloy and only take five minutes to install. They come with a one year warranty.
        A new shower curtain is the easiest way to transform your bathroom without breaking the bank. Made from washable, water-resistant fabric, this option is available in over 18 different colors and patterns to freshen up your space. One five-star reviewer commented that it was “stylish and expensive”.
        These stained glass stickers are a game-changer in privacy – when sunlight passes through them, it emits a beautiful soft iridescent glow. Installation is easy – just peel off the clear backing and let the static do the rest (it doesn’t leave a sticky residue either). They create the look of frosted patterned glass while providing more privacy and filtering out harmful UV rays.
        This luxurious high pressure shower head is easy to install in just five minutes without any tools. The low-maintenance pick is chrome-plated and features 90 easy-to-clean rubber spa tips that spray rejuvenating, high-pressure rainwater over the entire body. The only problem? You will never want to get out of the shower again.
        Just because your favorite sweater is slipping doesn’t mean you should throw it away: freshen up the item you love and wear with this rechargeable fabric shaver. With three adjustable depth settings and a honeycomb mesh on the blade, you can safely remove lint from your favorite furniture and blankets without damaging them (or yourself). It’s compact, wireless and perfect for travel or home use.
        Add some pop of color and freshen up your living room with these machine washable overlays. They are made from durable polyester and are available in 26 beautiful colors and geometric patterns. The elegant design will brighten up any room in your home.
        If you tend to forget to care for the plants they need, this self-watering planter is a handy and stylish tool that will ensure they thrive even if you have little gardening experience. The pot has a handy indicator that tells you when the built-in aquifer is about to run out, so you’ll never have to water (or overwater) your plants again. It comes in five chic colors.
        If tangled cords are your enemy, you can keep them in one place and out of sight with this sleek and stylish cord storage box. The firebox has room for a small extension cord and several ventilation holes for heat dissipation. This modern and elegant cord solution makes it easy to get rid of desktop clutter.
        Available in 16 million colors (you read that right, 16 million), these smart Wi-Fi LED bulbs allow you to adjust the brightness and color temperature in your home to create the atmosphere you want. With compatibility with most smart devices (including Alex, Echo and Google Assistant), you can even control these bulbs with your voice.
        No need to throw away your favorite wood furniture because of a small dent: repair scratches and dents easily with this furniture repair marker set. This 17-piece set includes wax spatulas and touch-up pencils in eight different colors, so there’s a color that can breathe new life into any damaged piece of furniture.
        Keep buckle rugs nice and flat with these easy-to-install carpet clips, keeping buckle rugs out of sight (and potential trip hazards). Less than 1/10″ thick, these pads are unobtrusive, easy to clean and help prevent carpets from curling or shifting.


Post time: Dec-23-2022