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Ultra Fine Copper Wire Cloth 200 250 300 Mesh 99.99% Pure Copper Wire Mesh

Short Description:

name:copper wire mesh

material:Brass, copper, Tin bronze wire

use:Advantages: the product has the characteristics of non-magnetism, wear resistance and electromagnetic wave resistance.

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Product Detail

Product Tags

copper wire mesh

Major Function

1. Electromagnetic radiation protection, effectively blocking the harm of electromagnetic waves to the human body.

2. Shielding electromagnetic interference to ensure the normal work of instruments and equipment.

3. Prevent electromagnetic leakage and effectively shield the electromagnetic signal in the display window.

Main uses:

1: electromagnetic shielding or electromagnetic radiation protection that needs light transmission; Such as screen that display window of the instrument table.

2. Electromagnetic shielding or electromagnetic radiation protection that needs ventilation; Such as chassis, cabinets, ventilation windows, etc.

3. Electromagnetic shielding or electromagnetic wave radiation of walls, floors, ceilings and other parts; Such as laboratories, computer rooms, high-voltage and low-voltage rooms and radar stations.

4. Wires and cables are resistant to electromagnetic interference and play a protective role in electromagnetic shielding.

copper wire mesh

copper wire mesh

copper wire mesh

copper wire mesh

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