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Low Price Stainless Steel Perforated Metal for Architectural Elements

Short Description:

The most common applications for perforated metal include:
Metal screens
Metal diffusers
Metal guards
Metal filters
Metal vents
Metal signage
Architectural applications
Safety barriers

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Perforated metal is a metal sheet with decorative shape, and holes are punched or embossed on its surface for practical or aesthetic purposes. There are several forms of metal plate perforation, including various geometric patterns and designs. Perforation technology is suitable for many applications and can provide a satisfactory solution for enhancing the appearance and performance of the structure.

perforated metal

Process details

1. Select materials.
2. Select the specifications of the bill of materials.
The thickness of the metal plate is measured with a gauge. The larger the specification, the thinner the material.
3. Select/design the perforation mode.
4. Punch holes in the metal plate by bending, welding, stamping and cutting.
5. Perform any finishing process.
Examples include grinding, brushing, rounding, degreasing and surface polishing.

perforated metal

perforated metal

Perforated Metal Sheet supplier (5)

DXR Wre Mesh is a manufacturing & trading combo of wire mesh and wire cloth in the China. With a track record of over 30 years of business and a technical sales staff with over 30 years of combined experience.

In 1988, DeXiangRui Wire Cloth Co, Ltd. was founded in Anping County Hebei Province, which is the hometown of wire mesh in China. DXR’s annual value of production is about 30 million US dollars, of which 90% of products delivered to more than 50 countries and regions. It is a high-tech enterprise, also a leading company of industrial cluster enterprises in Hebei Province. DXR brand as a famous brand in Hebei Province has been registered in 7 countries around the world for trademark protection. Nowadays, DXR Wire Mesh is one of the most competitive metal wire mesh manufacturers in Asia.

DXR’s main products are stainless steelwire mesh, filter wire mesh, titanium wire mesh, copper wire mesh, plain steel wire mesh and all kinds of mesh further-processing products. Total 6 series, about thousand types of products, widely applied for petrochemical, aeronautics and astronautics, food, pharmacy, environmental protection, new energy, automotive and electronic industry.


1.How long has DXR inc. been in business and where are you located?

DXR has been in business since 1988.We are headquartered in NO.18,Jing Si road.Anping Industrial Park, Hebei Province, China.Our customers are spread over more than 50 countries and regions.

 2.What are your business hours?

Nrmal business hours are 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Beijing Time Monday through Saturday.We also have 24/7 fax, email, and voice mail services.

 3.What is your minimum order?

Without question, we do our best to maintain one of the lowest minimum order amounts in theB2B industry. 1 ROLL,30 SQM,1M x 30M.

 4.Can l get a sample?

Most of our products are free to send samples, some products require you to pay the freight

 5.Can l get a special mesh that l don’t see listed on your website?

Yes, many items are available as a special order. Generally, these special orders subject to the same minimum order of 1 ROLL,30 SQM,1M x 30M.Contact us with your special requirements.

 6.l have no idea what mesh l need.How do l find it?

Our website contains considerable technical information and photographs to assist you and we will attempt to supply you with the wire mesh you specify.However, we cannot recommend a particular wire mesh for specialized applications. We need to be given a specific mesh description or sample in order to proceed. If you are still uncertain, we suggest that you contact an engineering consultant in your field.Another possibility would be for you to purchase samples from us to determine their suitability.

 7.l have a sample of the mesh l need but l don’t know how to describe it,can you help me?

Yes, send us the sample and we will contact you with the results of our examination.

 8.Where will my order ship from?

Your orders will ship out of Tianjin port.

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